Website Hosting

What is website hosting?

Once your website has been built, you need to put it onto a server on the Internet so that people browsing the Internet can find it.

What does it cover?

Hosting costs cover the price of the space on the server and for the bandwidth in and out of your website. Bandwidth is the amount of traffic your website receives and thus the amount of data it uses. The more your website is used, and hence the more interest you are attracting, the more bandwidth that is used.

Website hosting with us also includes email hosting at no additional cost.

Email Hosting

This service allows you to have full control of your own email address. For example,

So what does this all mean?

You can choose a domain which is relevant to you or your business and then have one or more email address off that domain. For example, our business is called Tuatara Design and we have the domain One email account we have is If you have several people working in your business, each person could have a separate email address.

We can also create aliases to redirect email to particular accounts. For example, you could have an address and have all email sent to that address redirected to If an administrator is then employed, those emails can easily be redirected to and Stephanie can continue to receive all email sent directly to her.

So why does my business need these?

  • Quite simply, it looks far more professional than
  • Should you ever want to use someone other than xtra for your broadband you will lose your xtra email account. You will also need to change your email on all your promotional material.
  • Using your own domain name on your business cards can avoid looking like you’ve just set-up shop.
  • It allows you to keep your branding consistent and be in control of your email accounts.

Domain Names

We can help you register a domain name for your business.

A Domain Name is your piece of real estate on the Internet. It’s your business name and it lets people know where to find you. An appropriate domain name makes your website easier to find and enables you to have professional email addresses such as For example, if you ran a business called Mark’s Emporium, you would register a domain like

If your business has a local focus, then would be an appropriate suffix. However, if you have a more global focus you may want to use a suffix such as .com or .net which doesn’t immediately identify you as a NZ business.


Website Hosting: $75 + GST per year for one domain. Discounts are available for multiple domains.

Email Hosting: FREE when you purchase website hosting with us.

Domain Names: .nz domains from $21.50 + GST per year. Quotes given on all other domain suffixes upon request. We register your domain using tried and tested commercial organisations.